Lighting for (Bio) parent stock

Gallux Benefits for (Bio) Parent Stock

Growing population will demand more meat, while producers are constantly trying to improve the laying performance and fertility rate of parent and grandparent stocks, while keeping in mind the economic, environmental and ethical considerations.

In our long-term field studies we addressed exactly this issues. The outcomes after the implementation of Gallux lighting were calm and relaxed birds. This led to significant cannibalism reduction, reduced medication application, less floor and dirty eggs and therefore higher fertility and hatching rates and better quality of chicks.

By concentrating the basic needs of the animals, which are given by nature we designed a customized to your animals lighting concept. The differences in the behaviour individual breeds were also considered and led to improved laying performance and increase of animal welfare.

Unique Advantages

The unique advantages of our Gallux LED lighting program for parent stock farms are:

  • Stress reduction (containment of cannibalism)
  • Optimized laying behaviour
  • Breed specific lighting program
  • Improvement of the laying curve
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