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Our service engineer David is back from his last trip to South Africa!

David visited our client, a large international pharmaceutical company in South Africa to provide technical support for our BioJector vaccination devices. David has great expertise and works for many years with the installation of vaccination devices and incubators. David started on the German market but expanded his work over the years to the whole world.

As a reward for his good work, he was also able to enjoy this beautiful country and the exemplary hospitality.

We are especially glad to gain new impressions and inspirations,  to adapt our equipment to the individual needs of our clients and that our motivated team makes it possible to support our customers all over the world.


31. July 2019

Working in the poultry industry, we all know how important hygiene is.

Efficient and continuous disinfection is an absolute priority. Infections have not only an impact on your profitability but can affect the whole industry. This is why ME International visited the headquarters of CID Lines for training.  The focus was on Kenosan and Virocid.

Where Virocid is used,  the bacteria viruses, fungi, and spores have no chance. The bactericidal, virucidal, fungicidal and spraying effect of Virocid® is unique in the world and poses no danger to humans, animals, material or environment.

Kenosan combines an ultra-strong adhesion with a deeply penetrating cleaning effect at very low concentrations! The qualitative formula guarantees a unique cleaning result in the most difficult environments. The cleaning effect is also reinforced by the extremely long contact time of the adhesive foam. Due to the long contact time with the surfaces, work, water, and energy are saved.

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15. May 2019

Petersime has invited the European distributors to introduce new products on the hatchery market. ME International attended the meeting also and would love to introduce the newest hatchery equipment to our customers.

Petersime is a world-leading company that offers state of the art incubators, hatchery equipment and turnkey hatcheries for ducks, geese, chickens, turkeys and even ostriches.

ME International has a decades-long relationship with Petersime. ME International represents Petersime in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. We are very glad about the opportunity to learn newest technologies and present the hatchery equipment innovations to our customers on the D-A-CH markets.

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20. April 2019

LED Luminaire "Pollux" has been ENEC certified

ENEC certified LED Luminaire for poultry houses_Pollux

The "Pollux" luminaire for use in poultry houses has been ENEC certified. With an ENEC certificate, the manufacturer shows that his products comply with the relevant safety standards for Europe. ENEC stands for "European Norms Electrical Certification" and is the European mark of conformity for electrical equipment, which confirms conformity with the European safety standards.

Every luminaire manufactured by us bears the CE mark. This mark indicates that the manufacturer guarantees compliance with the relevant safety and health regulations for the product concerned.

While the CE mark is only a self-declaration of the manufacturer and does not require independent testing, an independent testing institute awards the ENEC mark. The approval offers our customers security and proves that our lighting systems are of the highest quality. They are also a recognition of our tireless work for continuous improvement of the performance of our products.

From the very beginning, we have placed great emphasis on the quality of the luminaire. The luminaire can be proudly regarded as "Made in Germany". It is not just a slogan; the suppliers for most of the lighting components are based in Germany. Due to the good quality, we also ensure the longevity of the lighting. The customers do not have to worry about the constant exchange of spare parts and can relax and concentrate on their daily business.

Customers can also rest assured that the luminaires pose no danger whatsoever and that there is no risk of fire. Not only does our lighting serve animal welfare and increase production, it also gives our customers safety. There is hardly more to offer on the poultry lighting market.

27. February 2019

Scandinavia has a reputation for ethics, culture, animal welfare and respect for the environment. After the introduction and successful implementation of our LED poultry lighting in Germany and Switzerland, Scandinavian market is also of interest for ME International. The decision was therefore made to introduce our young and unique poultry LED lighting project to Scandinavian clients. 

The clients from Norway, Sweden and Denmark were excited that farmers will be able to increase the poultry production and animal welfare in one.

With our innovative Pollux LED poultry lighting the farmers are able to mimic the natural habitat of the birds. In the case of chickens, it´s Asian jungle. If it were turkeys steppe lighting is as well programmable. Further also the sunrise and sunset are programmable, you basically can program every possible spectrum available in the nature.

During development of the led lighting for poultry houses we worked closely with scientist who set their focus on poultry lighting. Their goal is to increase animal welfare. Our goal was the best possible solution for poultry and their owners. Our deliberation was if the animals feel better, then the production also improves. We were right.

Since then we completed several researches and are confident, the LED lighting has several advantages and our company contributes to animal welfare and to the profit boost of poultry farmers.

ME International is almost 40 years on the market, with the LED poultry lighting we expand our horizons. The Scandinavian market is a big step forward.

LED Lighting for poultry

19. December 2018

When changes become chances.

Great thanks to all of our visitors for making the VIV Europe 2018 a major success.

VIV Europe opened for the 40th time the exhibition doors in Utrecht. From the 20th till the 22nd of June innovations and inspirations from poultry meat and eggs, fish, dairy and pigs were presented. ME International has also presented their products with focus on innovational features.

BioJector IV-2 is able to vaccinate with 2 vaccines in one penetration. BioJector X is available for 10-day-old birds.

BioSprayor, a customer friendly device is now equipped with new nozzles for gel spraying. To use BioSprayor, customers don´t need electricity and pneumatic and the quality is outstanding. ME International kept with the new developments of BioSprayor, and BioJector costumer needs in mind by working closely with clients.

In addition, ME International presented the latest technology in LED lighting designedto meet the needs of animals. Different species have different light reception. With six individually tune-able bands, light can be customised to each visual needs and millions of light compositions may be created. Some examples are daylight, sunset and sunrise. Further, the primal habitats of turkeys and chickens differ and these aspects are considered. ME International already got a really positive feedback from a costumer, who performed a study to compare the multicolour LED with a conventional LED in different sheds and had impressive results. There was no cannibalism, no feather pecking, many more eggs but much less flawed eggs and many more aspects in favour of the lighting provided by ME International.

ME International presented poultry lighting in Netherlands

26. June 2018

"Future-day" impressions

Since 2001 every year, a special event has been held in Germany. It started as "Girls'Day", an once a year action day designed to motivate girls and women to take up technical and scientific careers. 2011, boys also joined the event to break the role stereotype for boys as well. First known under the name “Boy´s Day” and “Girl´s Day” it became “Future-Day” and the participation rate is impressive since.

Two children have visited us, boy and girl, and it was fun! We´ve started the day with an introduction about our company, hatcheries and simple breeding processes. We showed interesting and child-oriented videos and presentations about (chicken-) hatcheries and farms in our new conference room.  After our presentations, we explained our new LED lighting project. Following this, they were allowed to independently design lighting plans on the computer, as we do for our customers. After a lunch break, we visited a customer (Ostrich-farm) close to our company. This farm is hatching ostriches in a small frame as a family establishment.

The children were able to gain insights into the incubator and ostrich farming while an informative guided tour. We are very happy that both children had lots of fun with us and can imagine a job in our industry in their future. One of the children visited us for the second time in a row. Every year we come up with an exciting program of farm-visits, presentations and simple work that children can follow.

We are looking forward to welcome children to “Future-Day 2019” again!

Lighing plan for poultry houses

27. April 2018

ME expands to Austria and Switzerland

ME International GmbH expands  their Petersime NV distribution for Austria and Switzerland. We would like to take the opportunity to thank Petersime for their trust. ME International is already Petersime agent in Germany since 1988. We see the new area as a reward for our positive and successful collaboration with Petersime! On a final note we would like to thank my business partner and friend Mr. André van Rij from AC Poultry International BV for his support. We are looking forward into an exciting and successful future!

20. December 2017

ME expands to Austra and Switzerland_Petersime

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