It has always been, and will always be, about quality.

ME International is almost 40 years on the market and uses the experience to make the clients work as easy as possible.
Our focus lies on quality, this allows our clients to focus on an interference- and stress-free work.

ME International offers LED full-spectum lighting system "Pollux". With the lighting system containing for poultry visible UV recreation of the exact light spectrum, poultry enjoys in their natural habitat is possible. As in nature, every day starts with a sunrise and ends with a sunset. Different rest and de-energize moments can be programmed. Practical experiences, supported by scientific research, have shown an increase in animal welfare combined with optimized production efficiency. The first stable lighting system, which combines all the benefits of modern lighting.

LED full-spectrum lighting system "Pollux"

ME International offers high-quality vaccination equipment. BioJector is designed to vaccinate up to 4000 chicks. Due to the highest quality materials, the costs for spare parts are very low. BioJector Marek vaccinator is available for one-day-old chicks and is adjustable for 10-days old chicks.  Is also possible to inject two vaccines in one penetration.

ME International BioSprayor is the first manually operated spray-vaccination table. It does not need electricity or compressed air. The t is versatile, flexible and easy to handle by everyone. The vaccination table is also available for gel vaccination. It has various advantages such as anti-moisture protection in the plumage and significant simplification of the vaccine picking.

Click here to find out about our whole vaccination program.

Vaccination Equipment ME International

ME International is Petersime partner, the world leading supplier of incubators, hatchery equipment, project services, and turnkey hatcheries. Modern breeds demand a lot from your incubation equipment. Petersime incubators create the ideal biosphere for your hatching eggs in accordance with the latest incubation methodologies. Whatever your needs are, multi- or single-stage incubation, Petersime has the right model for you. Petersime technologies, such as Embryo-Response Incubation™, combined with powerful controllers, provide you with the maximum profit.

Petersime partner ME International

Egg sanitation and disinfection

ME International is Partner of CID LINES, a successful manufacturer of cleaning agents and disinfectants for the poultry production and with MS-Technologies, a manufacturer of egg-washing- and sanitizing-machines.

Hygiene is health for CID LINES. And that health, in return, is the key to more profitability and sustainability. In the poultry sector, healthy animals ensure a higher return on investment for farmers. In the food industry, health and safety lead to better business, in line with all regulations. Overall, end consumers will always benefit from a healthy food chain, leading to greater wellbeing.

MST offers a wide range of egg cleaners and sanitizers for all types of eggs and capable of processing from just a few hundred eggs to over a million eggs a day.

Hatchery Automation

ME International is a partner with Innovatec. Innovatec is a leading company specialized in innovative hatchery automation. Driven by innovation and committed to quality and service Innovatec supplies product lines that help hatcheries realize their full potential in order to deliver high quality and vital chicks. It’s based on the Innovatec Total Concept. This proven key to success consists of three pillars: product uniformity, excellent service and the support of a maintenance agreement, and results in the highest return on investment.

Hatchery Equipment

To round up our range we also offer automatic euthanasia devices, Movexx for moving Petersime trolleys, egg candler and lifter and many more products.

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