Egg Sanitation and Disinfectants

Extensive range of egg cleaning and disinfection for every hatchery

Our extensive range of egg cleaning and disinfectants offers an individual solution for your hatchery. We are happy to advise you on the optimal disinfection and cleaning of your rooms and eggs. Our main focus is to safely degerm your eggs without causing any damage.

Egg Washing

The correct washing of hatching eggs has several significant advantages: The purchased machine pays itself off quickly since even heavily soiled hatching eggs can be incubated instead of being disposed of. Our egg washing machines guarantee the reliable necessary cleaning and disinfection without damaging or destroying the cuticula. Even under a microscope, no damages caused by the washing process can be detected. You can safely incubate the eggs without risking any loss due to soiling or germ load.  Please bear in mind that the conventional washing with brushes or sponges destroys the natural protective coat of your eggs and transfers germs from one egg to the other. This can cause severe losses. 

MST offers a wide range of egg cleaners and sanitizers for all types of eggs and capable of processing from just a few hundred eggs to over a million eggs a day. With this wide range of size and type of machine, MST is able to satisfy virtually any customer requirement and, where this is not possible, MST can build to a customer’s specific needs. MST produces a range of technically sophisticated and robust vacuum tanks designed to introduce antibiotics and other solutions into hatching eggs for disease control purposes. These tanks are built to customer’s individual requirements.

Bambino Range

Our smallest egg washer is suitable for processing from 200 - 2,000 eggs per hour. The eggs are manually placed into the input conveyor for cleaning and processed at conveyor speed through the spray chamber using CHLORWASH / defoamer at 45oC. The BAMBINO range has three models and a wide range of options to increase the control and automation of your egg washing or egg cleaning process.

Master Range

A very cost-effective system capable of providing maximum bio-security for breeder eggs and treating the tray in one operation. For use on breeder sites and also in the smaller hatchery for secondary sanitation (processing from 4,000 to 16 000 eggs per hour). Machines may also be fitted with a 2.5rpm conveyor motor (slower for more exposure time); better suited for dealing with excessively dirty eggs, this will half the speed of the belt and also the throughput.


Drysan Range

The continued development in the DRYSAN RANGE now offers an even greater range of applications with the main machine structure in Stainless Steel, allowing a range of applications in specific hygiene control environments. DRYSAN generates a fine ‘DRY’ ultrasonic particle reaching and disinfecting ALL contact surfaces within enclosed control areas. DRYSAN machines have been specifically developed to enable an effective and safer alternative to fumigation with formaldehyde.


Egg washing solution ME International
Egg washing solution ME International
Egg desinfection ME International

Ultrafogger P1-P8

The ULTRAfogger is an ultrasonic fogging appliance, specially designed for sanitizing hatching eggs in combination with the disinfectant CID 2000 without formaldehyde. Because the fog is produced by ultrasonic vibrating plates the Ultrafogger is completely silent and can be used in areas where excessive noise is not wanted. This fogging technique produces the smallest possible droplets which are able to penetrate to hard to reach areas.

Fogging device for egg sanitation / ME International

  •  No formaldehyde odor
  •  No condensation on hatching eggs
  •  Droplet size approx. 5 micron
  •  Automatic intake of disinfectant solution
  •  Stainless steel
  •  Automatic operation
  •  Fogging by ultrasonic
  •  Adjustable fogging time
  •  No nozzles

Cleaning Agents and Disinfectants

CID LINES has been focusing on innovative hygiene solutions for more than 20 years. CID Lines manufacture cleaning agents and disinfectants for the agricultural production (such as dairy, sheep, pig and poultry production), for the transport industries (carwash and truck wash) and for food processing. In their professional laboratories, specialised chemists and engineers work on the development and continuous improvement of formulations and processes. The most stringent quality standards (ISO 9001:2000 and GMP-Pharma) are being followed in production and quality assurance.

Modern animal health - the new concept of balance

Our modern farm animals are expected to perform well in order to ensure sustainable production.The demand for well-practicable concepts that help ensure successful, antibiotic-poor production of foods of animal origin is currently high.

Our concept of balance is based on this insight. We can achieve successful production by giving the animals every opportunity to enjoy proper health and a powerful defense from day one. For this purpose, we actively carry out a targeted adjustment of the external and internal environment of the animal.

Read here more about the new concept of balance

Poultry hygiene solutions ME International

Keno™san combines ultra-strong adhesion power and deep penetrating cleaning action at very low dilutions! The high-level formulation guarantees a unique cleaning result in the most heavy-duty circumstances in the poultry houses. The cleaning action also gets amplified by extended contact time due to the sticky foam that remains attached upon all types of surfaces. 

Hygiene solutions for poultry / ME International

Endless applications. Where Virocid® is being applied, bacteria, viruses, fungi, and spores have no chance. Investing in the bio-security of animals, houses, materials, buildings, vehicles, and people is a prudent managerial decision. It leads to better production results and can prevent diseases.

Hygiene solutions for poultry / ME International

Cid 2000
Specially designed for optimal hygiene of the drinking water. Cid 2000 has a triple action:

  1. cleaning of the drinking system
  2. disinfection
  3. optimizing the pH-level of the drinking water


Tornax S

When a surface is cleaned with water, mineral deposits are left behind, which form a protective shield for micro-organisms. Therefore acid cleaning is essential to remove these deposits. Tornax S is a strong acid foaming detergent for the removal of mineral deposits like lime, iron (rust), calcium, deposits of sugar and proteins. Makes stained surfaces shine again.

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