Poultry vaccination equipment

Reliable disease prevention with high quality vaccination equipment

Using our top-quality poultry vaccination equipment in combination with high-quality vaccines ensures that your animals are protected against diseases at any age.

We look back at many years of positive experience.


Highest quality, the pursuit of projection and the dedicated work for each individual BioJector makes this marek vaccination device unique. "Made in Germany" is not only a slogan but a promise that only the highest quality materials have been installed in BioJector. All Cobb grandparent stock in Europe is vaccinated with the BioJector.

Marek vaccinator for chicks / BioJector IV /  Poultry vaccinator for day-old chicks.

BioJector IV
Poultry vaccinator for day-old chicks

Vaccinator for chicks / Poulty marek vaccinator for day-old chicks with two vaccines in one penetration injection. / BioJector IV-2

BioJector IV-2
Poultry vaccinator for day-old chicks with two vaccines in one penetration injection.

Chick vacinator / Vaccinator for chicks / Marek vaccinator for 10 days old chicks / BioJectorX /ME International

BioJector X
Poultry vaccinator for 10 days old chicks.

  •  up to 4000 chicks/hour and 32.000 chicks/day
  •  adjustable tube length
  •  vented spike equipped with a filter, to avoid vacuum and
    contamination through bacteria.
  •  stainless steel counter frame
  •  accurate injecting dosage due to improved plungers
  •  brushed and anodized parts for improvement of product durability
  •  tec-valves as an alternative to ball-valves available
  •  tec-valves made of nitrile rubber for shape-keeping when used with oil-based vaccines
  •  specially vented spikes for a safe and sterile connection between the vaccine container and syringe


First 100% manually operated spray-vaccination-table of its kind. The spray vaccinator table BioSprayor does not need electricity or compressed air. It is versatile, flexible and easy to handle by everyone. The spray vaccinator is also available for gel vaccination. It has various advantages such as anti-moisture protection in the plumage and significant simplification of the vaccine picking.

Spray vaccianation for day-old chicks / Gel vaccination for chicks

  •  36.000 chicks/hour
  •  also suitable for gelspraying
  •  no electrics / electronics / compressed air
  •  manpower push and pull
  •  easy operation due to the leverage effect
  •  adjustable box sizes (H/W/L)
  •  adjustable nozzle height
  •  stainless steel

Knapsack Sprayer

The Knapsack Sprayer is our all-rounder. As opposed to many competing products, the Knapsack Sprayer provides some compelling advantages. Of particular note is the replaceable battery. This allows nearly seamless use of the Knapsack as long as this is required (only by changing the battery). The standard version of the Knapsack vaccination sprayer comes with either one or two lances. In case you require a bigger spray radius, we offer telescopic lances. The device was specially built for spray vaccination and disinfection.

Desinfection poultry house

  • 2 adjustable shoulder bands
  • low weight
  • closed housing - no pollution inside
  • capacity 15 liter
  • 1 liter per minute
  • battery checker, rechargeable battery
  • different droplet sizes available
  • spot or continuous spraying

DH 50 Fogger

With a very fine droplet size and a remarkable performance, the fogger is characterized as a very reliable sprayer. Thanks to the user-friendly design, the fogger is especially easy to use and fill. Furthermore, you can adjust the droplet size very easy at the front cap by rotating the cap left or right.

The Vector Fogg C150 - DH 50 Fogger is an already international successfully used device for spray-vaccination, disinfection and/or cleaning. Thanks to its enormous power it provides an up to 10-meter long spray range.

Depending on the needs and possibilities inside the hatchery/field the Fogger is available with wire or battery.

Desinfection poultry house / Vaccine sprayer Fogger

  •  easy control of sprayed capacity by turning nozzle cap left and   right
  •  ultra low volume (ULV) droplet size between 5-50 micron
  •  amount of injection: 0.2 ~ 1L / min
  •  the capacity of tank: 5L (max. 6L)
  •  use of 220V (home-use), no place-limitation
  •  set of medical nozzle 3.5 diameter
  •  cord length 10m
  •  available with cord or battery!

Automatic self-filling syringe for injections

Eco-Matic and Uni-Matic ensure safe vaccination and injection of medication for the treatment of adult animals. The vaccination syringe is suitable for poultry, swine, cattle, sheep or other animals.


1ml / 2ml / 5ml

  • premium quality syringe with a durable plastic barrel
  • durable metal needle fitting
  • accurate, continuously variable dose setting
  • ergonomic design

Vaccination syringe poulty


1ml / 2ml / 5ml

  •  the syringe can be used universally with bottle adaptor or tubing attachment
  • durable and precise metal piston
  • medication bottles can be replaced quickly and easily (50 ml and 100 ml)
  • exceptionally accurate dosing


Vaccination syringe poulty / Vaccination syringe is suitable for poultry, swine, cattle, sheep and other animals

Thawing Bath

Water bath for the controlled and gentle thawing of biopharmaceutical products. Guaranteed temperature distribution with no more than +/- 1°C variation throughout the entire basin.

Cage Sprayer

Different poultry keeping methods require different vaccination equipment. This device for spray vaccination is our perfect solution for a successful vaccination for cage housed birds. The cage Sprayer is especially suited for vaccination and disinfection. The frame is made out of a very light but high-quality stainless steel.

Thawing bath for gentle defrosting of poultry vaccines
Vaccination device for poultry cage spraying

  • Microprocessor PID-temperature controller with the integrated autodiagnostic system
  • Over-temperature protection (double)
  • Textured Stainless Steel Casing
  • Temperature range from +10 °C up to +95 °C with additional boiling mode
  • Corrosion-proof large-area heating on three sides
  • Suited for vaccination and disinfection
  • 2-3 hours non stop spraying.
  • No tubes or cables dragging behind
  • Width 60 cm, fits through narrow corridors
  • Spray capacity: max. 15 l/min with up to 10 adjustable nozzles.
  • Complete “stainless steel” 2 mm
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