Egg Sanitation and Disinfectants

Extensive range of cleaning and disinfection products for every hatchery

Our extensive range of cleaning products and disinfectants offers an individual solution for your hatchery. We are happy to advise you on the optimal disinfection and cleaning of your rooms.

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Hygiene Systeme

Drysan Range

The continued development in the DRYSAN RANGE now offers an even greater range of applications with the main machine structure in Stainless Steel, allowing a range of applications in specific hygiene control environments. DRYSAN generates a fine ‘DRY’ ultrasonic particle reaching and disinfecting ALL contact surfaces within enclosed control areas. DRYSAN machines have been specifically developed to enable an effective and safer alternative to fumigation with formaldehyde.

DH 50 Fogger

With a very fine droplet size and a remarkable performance, the fogger is characterized as a very reliable sprayer. Thanks to the user-friendly design, the fogger is especially easy to use and fill. Furthermore, you can adjust the droplet size very easy at the front cap by rotating the cap left or right.

The Vector Fogg C150 – DH 50 Fogger is an already international successfully used device for spray-vaccination, disinfection and/or cleaning. Thanks to its enormous power it provides an up to 10-meter long spray range.

Depending on the needs and possibilities inside the hatchery/field the Fogger is available with wire or battery.

ME-International - Hygiene- Systeme

Ultrafogger P1-P8

The ULTRAfogger is an ultrasonic fogging appliance, specially designed for sanitizing hatching eggs in combination with the disinfectant CID 2000 without formaldehyde. Because the fog is produced by ultrasonic vibrating plates the Ultrafogger is completely silent and can be used in areas where excessive noise is not wanted. This fogging technique produces the smallest possible droplets which are able to penetrate to hard to reach areas.

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Cleaning Agents and Disinfectants

CID LINES has been focusing on innovative hygiene solutions for more than 20 years. CID Lines manufacture cleaning agents and disinfectants for the agricultural production (such as dairy, sheep, pig and poultry production), for the transport industries (carwash and truck wash) and for food processing. In their professional laboratories, specialised chemists and engineers work on the development and continuous improvement of formulations and processes. The most stringent quality standards (ISO 9001:2000 and GMP-Pharma) are being followed in production and quality assurance.

Please feel free to read the hygiene programs below. It helps you with finding the best product for your individual application.

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We see ourselves in the responsibility for our environment.
With our products, we facilitate the daily work of our customers in the
whole world and contribute to the profitability of the farm and animal welfare.

Modern animal health - the new concept of balance

Our modern farm animals are expected to perform well in order to ensure sustainable production.The demand for well-practicable concepts that help ensure successful, antibiotic-poor production of foods of animal origin is currently high.
Our concept of balance is based on this insight. We can achieve successful production by giving the animals every opportunity to enjoy proper health and a powerful defense from day one. For this purpose, we actively carry out a targeted adjustment of the external and internal environment of the animal.

(Bio) Broiler
ME International produkte hygiene-systeme Virocid


Endless applications. Where Virocid® is being applied, bacteria, viruses, fungi, and spores have no chance. Investing in the bio-security of animals, houses, materials, buildings, vehicles, and people is a prudent managerial decision. It leads to better production results and can prevent diseases.


Keno™san combines thorough cleaning and extremely strong adhesion at very low concentrations!

Keno™san attacks even the most stubborn dirt.

Tornax S

When a surface is cleaned with water, mineral deposits are left behind, which form a protective shield for micro-organisms. Therefore acid cleaning is essential to remove these deposits. Tornax S is a strong acid foaming detergent for the removal of mineral deposits like lime, iron (rust), calcium, deposits of sugar and proteins. Makes stained surfaces shine again.

Cid 2000

Specially designed for optimal hygiene of the drinking water. Cid 2000 has a triple action:
1. cleaning of the drinking system
2. disinfection
3. optimizing the pH-level of the drinking water