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Automatic Euthanasia Devices

The Federal Council in Switzerland has decided to ban the shredding of live chicks. The law came into force on January 1, 2020.

Many millions of laying hens are produced each year, resulting in just as many millions of roosters. Because the roosters are not suitable for rearing, they are considered worthless. Day-old chicks are an important food with a low fat content and rich in proteins and vitamins. Millions are used for feeding birds of prey, reptiles, etc.

AED-10 Automatic Euthanasia Device

The AED-10™ is produced entirely from stainless steel AISI 304, while its frame is blasted. The machine’s cover panels are made from ground plating P240. An input opening can be found at the top left-hand side of the machine, with a corresponding output opening on the right-hand side. Chicks can be fed in by hand, but also automatically, which is better for the machine as they are then fed at regular intervals through the machine. A variable passageway has been created on the input side of the machine. This ensures that chicks are fed through at regular intervals, as described above. Chicks are fed onto a conveyor belt system. Here, they die within 3 seconds, after which they are fed to the bottom of the machine and leave the machine on the right-hand side, after approx. 4 minutes.

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The statutory processing time is a minimum of 3 minutes. Therefore, our machines respect this statutory requirement. Due to years of research and the construction of several machines, the user-friendliness of the AED-10™ is optimal. For example, it is easy to clean the machine by removing its cover panels, giving access to parts inside the machine and making it possible to properly hose down every area of it. In addition, where necessary, the entire conveyor system can be taken apart within just 30 minutes, so that the machine is completely empty and can be cleaned thoroughly, for example in the case of a bacterial disease.

AED-6 Automatic Euthanasia Device

The AED-6™ is the smallest machine in the AED-6™ to AED-40™ series. This machine has a stainless steel frame, permanently attached to which is a control box and an analyzer. The CO2 or Argon percentage can be read off from the side of the machine and is automatically maintained at the correct level. The machine also has a plug and socket connection that can be used in emergencies to automatically close the machine’s main supply valve. The door on the front of the machine is opened using a rotary knob, enabling the user to gain access to the loading opening. Behind the door is a lift with conveyor rollers, used to roll crates or boxes into the machine. By closing the door, a closed container is created, and, after pushing the cycle start button, the lift descends and the animals are fed into a chamber filled with CO2 gas. The lift stops in the lowest position, where it will remain for the duration of the processing time programmed until the animals have been killed. Afterward, the lift returns to the start position. It is now safe to open the door again. The machine is emptied and reloaded, after which the cycle button can be pressed again. After use, the machine is simple to clean. The panels are removed using simple turning locks. After removal, every corner of the machine can be thoroughly hosed down. The water used drains away automatically through the waste water discharge.

Options: a model using Argon gas control panel rotation, capacity expansion to 40,000 chicks

M3 Automatic Euthanasia Device

The smallest CO2 machine has room for a hatching tray with 150 chicks capacity. The machine is filled from the side. After closing, CO2 is filled in and monitored and controlled by the analyzer. The green light indicates the end of the process.

Options: Second analyzer for environmental monitoring

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Up until now, it was no easy job moving Petersime setter trolleys.
Fortunately, that has changed with the arrival of the Movexx T1000, a compact and ultra user-friendly push/pull assistant, especially for Petersime setter trolleys 168/192. The T1000 moves roll containers and other rolling objects, simply and without physical effort for the people who use it, from one place to another.


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Me International - Movexx
Me International - Movexx
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Egg Lifter

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Peeco Egg Lift Systems provide the most reliable method in which to transfer eggs. The units are economically priced to meet the tightest of budgets. Increase your efficiency and reduce labor costs with a Peeco Egg Lift System.

We offer a wide variety of standard egg lifter heads and pumps to accommodate nearly every application. If you are interested, please do not hesitate to contact us for more information.

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