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Egg Incubators

Petersime egg incubators are designed and built in such a way that they continuously maximize the egg incubation capacity, both technically and economically. Modern breeds demand a lot from your incubation equipment. Petersime egg incubators create the ideal biosphere for your hatching eggs using the latest incubation methods. Whatever your needs, multi-stage or single-stage incubation, Petersime has the model for you. Our technologies such as Embryo-Response Incubation ™ in combination with powerful control units offer you maximum profit.

Conventional Egg Incubators

The Petersime Conventional egg incubators are a complete line of setters and egg hatchers that can be used for single- or multi-stage operation. Whatever your needs are, there is always one model that fits your requirements in capacity and features.

S-line concept

The S-line optimizes chicken hatchery performance by increasing chick quality and quantity. In addition, it reduces energy, maintenance and labour costs. The new S-line provides the long-awaited answer to egg hatcheries wishing to maximize their economic return. The S-line is designed with one key objective: to maximize the profit for life of your egg hatchery. It generates maximum output of the egg incubator at minimum costs during the entire chicken hatchery lifetime. This guarantees the best return on investment.

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The AirStreamerPlus™ is the standard model of the S-line. This model is recommended for hatcheries which prefer interaction with the incubation parameter settings, based on the chicken hatchery manager’s experience.

The AirStreamerPlus™ offers all key functionalities of a modern single-stage egg incubator:

BioStreamer ™

The AirStreamerPlus ™ is the standard S-Line model. This model is recommended for hatcheries that prefer interaction with incubation parameter settings based on the chicken hatchery manager’s experience.

The AirStreamerPlus ™ offers all the important features of a modern single-stage egg incubator:


BioStreamer Re-Store™

Long egg storage times in hatcheries are often unavoidable because of logistics, market conditions, variable order sizes, etc. If these storage times exceed 7 days, however, losses in hatchability and chick quality become inevitable. On top of that, egg incubation time will increase and post-hatch performance will suffer. Petersime has developed the long-awaited answer to this problem: the BioStreamer Re-Store. This incubator warms up the eggs for short periods of time during storage, restoring a significant part of the hatch decrease.

Me International - BioStreamer Re-Store™

Embryo-Response egg Incubation™

Egg incubation is a complex biological process. Several physical criteria need to be met in order to create an optimal incubation environment.

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Different factors such as genetics, breeder management, flock age, storage time, egg age, egg size, shell porosity, etc. make each batch of hatching eggs truly unique. Despite this, traditional incubation systems still use intermediate incubation parameters for ventilation rates, air temperature and air humidity to manage the incubation process. Embryo-Response Incubation™ goes much further. By online diagnosis of the real embryo temperature, actual CO₂ output, egg weight loss, etc. the system constantly and interactively adapts the incubation parameters to create the optimal environment for each specific batch of eggs. The Embryo-Response Incubation™ technologies mimic how a mother hen listens and responds to the signals of the embryos. By letting the embryos decide which incubation environment is best for them, Embryo-Response Incubation™ technologies optimize chick quality, hatchability and post-hatch performance. At the same time, they safeguard the welfare of the chicks.


Temperature is the most vital factor for embryo development and chick quality. OvoScan™ continuously creates the optimum temperature for any batch of eggs, leading to improved hatchability and outstanding post-hatch performance.

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To shorten the hatch window, Synchro-HatchTM triggers simultaneuous egg hatching and guarantees uniform day-old chicks.

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Egg Incubators' Accessories


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Solid, durable trays

Petersime Easy Connect™ App

The world is undergoing radical change. Technology has become a part of everyday business simplifying and making our life’s better. To simplify and speed up the processes for the chicken hatchery managers and technical staff Petersime developed a smartphone app. You can dowload the app free of charge in Apple and Google Play app stores.

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The app makes it easy to:

Download the app and explore the opportunity to make a difference in your business. 02. APRIL 2020

Easy Connect™ app on the App Store – iOS

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