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Innovatec is the leading provider of production improvement for hatchery industry

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High quality in every detail

High quality in every detail

Since 1991 Innovatec is specialized in the development of hatchery mechanization. Through this conscious choice, Innovatec has built up a big lead in the market. Innovatec is the market leader in Europe. Also outside Europe Innovatec has become a leading player. In over 50 countries around the world, Innovatec has built a good reputation.

Innovatec develops and supplies according to a well-thought philosophy: The Innovatec Total Concept. This concept includes all aspects and elements that take care of our customers to create and maintain the lead on their competitors, now and in the future.

Automatic refill unit

The Innovatec automatic backfilling unit ensures an even heat-load of the hatcher basket. This is realized by replacing the eggs, removed during candling, with new candled eggs to the desired degree. Therefore, the unit is positioned between the candling and transfer unit.

Compact size

The compact size and the high process speed of the backfilling unit enables a smooth integration in new or existing projects. The main goal of backfilling is an uniform temperature in the hatchers which reduces the hatch-window.

A lot of benefits

Other advantages are improved chick quality, reduced first-week mortality, increased hatchery capacity or savings in building cost, optimum utilization of transfer unit, separator, washing units etc. resulting in considerable labor, energy and water savings.

Transfer de(stacker)

The Innovatec transfer (de)stacker is known for its reliable design. Trays or boxes are either stacked and transported from a chain conveyor to a dolly, or to a chain conveyor and de-stacked from a dolly. The trays or boxes, filled with eggs or chicks, are handled with utmost care.


Depending on how it is used, it is capable of (de) stacking up to 1.600 hatcher trays of chick boxes per hour. The unit is entirely operated by pressurized air and can be supplied for almost all available hachtertray of chick box. The combination of a relatively small surface area and a fluent and effective (de)stacking of the hatcher trays of chick boxes create an extremely reliable unit with the highest capacity.

Two executions

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The Innovatec POWERWASH™ has been specially developed for use in the hatchery. It can be supplied for the application of hatching trays or chick boxes.

Clean to an unmatched level
The high-yield nozzle configuration is specially adapted to the types of trays or boxes in use.
The POWERWASH™ concept delivers trays or boxes that are biologically and optically clean to an until-now unmatched level: up to 80% cleaner than with regular washing machines.
Compact unit
The POWERWASH™ is an extremely compact unit
Quick nozzle-clean-concept. The POWERWASH™ is equipped as standard with a heat exchanger, a detergent dosing system and the unique Innovatec ‘quick-nozzle-clean-concept’.



The Innovatec POWERWASH™ has been specially developed for use in the hatchery. It can be supplied for the application of hatching trays or chick boxes.

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Candling Table

The Innovatec candling table, type CT, candles setter trays filled with hatching eggs and gives an overview of the complete setter tray at once. The eggs are treated with the utmost care, reducing breakage to an absolute minimum. A foot actuated shield avoids operators from being blinded by radiating light, while both hands are free for removing infertile eggs. The candling table is mobile, due to its compact design and wheels.

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Offal Breaker

The offal breaker´s are available in several dimensions for a wide range of trays and purposes. Integrated in the automation line, for removal of infertiles, or for removal of unhatched and egg shells at the separator, or just as stand-alone unit.The units are available for connection to a vacuum system, or for the removal of waste with an auger.The hopper can be equipped with a macerator to reduce volume, and to ensure a direct kill of potential living embryo’s (unhatched)

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