First 100% manually operated spray-vaccination-table of its kind. The spray vaccinator table BioSprayor does not need electricity or compressed air. It is versatile, flexible and easy to handle by everyone. The spray vaccinator is also available for gel vaccination. It has various advantages such as anti-moisture protection in the plumage and significant simplification of the vaccine picking.

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BioSprayor Inline

The extension to the manual “BioSprayor” is “BioSprayor Inline”. While the BioSprayor does not require any connections, but rather designed for small capacities, the new “BioSprayor Inline” is designed for larger capacities and can be integrated into the existing automation. Regardless of manufacturer, box sizes, conveyor belt speed, etc.

The “BioSprayor Inline” is equipped with a sensor and a spray arm and can be mounted in existing conveyor belts. The device is height adjustable and adapts to the speed of the automation. It is equally suitable for liquid vaccines and gel spraying and has already proven itself in hatcheries with large capacities.

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