Egg Washing Machines

The correct washing of hatching eggs in an egg washer has several significant advantages in comparison to conventional washing with brushes or sponges, which destroy the natural protective coat of eggs and transfers germs from one egg to the other. This can cause severe preventable losses. Egg washing machine guarantees reliable necessary cleaning and disinfection without damaging or destroying the cuticula. Damages will not even be detectible under a microscope. With the wide range of egg washing machines and sanitizers, all types of eggs and capacities from a few hundred to over a million eggs a day can be washed and sanitized. The egg washing machines can also be customized to the consumer´s specific needs.

Me International - Ei

We offer a wide range of cleaners and sanitizers for all types of hatching eggs, which can be processed from a few hundred hatching eggs to over a million hatching eggs per day. With this wide range of sizes and machine types, we are able to meet virtually any customer requirement, and where this is not possible, we can build to a your specific needs. We produce a range of technically sophisticated and robust vacuum tanks designed to introduce antibiotics and other solutions into hatching eggs for disease control. These tanks are built to the customer’s individual requirements.

Bambino Range

The Bambino egg washing machine range features compact and versatile egg washers and sanitizers optimized for tabletop or rack mounting.

With processing capacities ranging from 200 to 3,000 loose eggs per hour, these machines can effectively clean breeder and commercial/table eggs from chicken, duck, or game birds.

The egg-washing process involves the movement of eggs through a spray chamber using ChlorWash and Defoamer at a temperature of 45°C, ensuring thorough cleaning while maintaining the structural integrity of the eggs.

The Bambino range includes three models: Piccolo, Super, and Super II, each offering options for increased automation and control.

Mobile stands and single-fan dryers are available for all models, and the Super model is customizable to 180-degree dimensions.

All machines in the Bambino range allow for the manual loading and unloading of eggs via conveyor belt technology.
The Super and Super II models offer the additional loading option via a 30-egg capacity tray. An angled unloading tray is also available.

Master Range

The Master range egg washing machine is a cost-efficient solution that offers unparalleled bio-security for breeder eggs. With the capability to process between 4,000 and 16,000 eggs per hour, this machine is ideal for breeder sites and smaller hatcheries.

The Master range machine can also be equipped with a 2.5 RPM conveyor motor, making it well-suited for handling dirty eggs.


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Master Matic Basic can be further optimized for cleaning extremely dirty eggs from duck and game birds by incorporating an additional wash pump.

Master Matic 5000 provides precise temperature control, making it an ideal solution for breeder sites.

Master Matic 5000 DT variant features a dual tray system that can accommodate two trays up to 13 inches wide and comes equipped with an extra wash pump and heater. The belt speed of 2 meters per minute doubles the output of this machine.

Master Matic 5000 Cuticle Stripper enhances hatchability and promotes uniformity by cleaning and removing cuticles from duck eggs. It features an additional wash pump and ceramic heaters for optimal performance.

For applications where extra cleaning is required, the Master Matic 5000 Loose Egg System provides a solution.

The Master range egg washing machine is customizable to meet the specific needs of your operation.

Me International - egg washing machine


Two options are available – 6 feet (182cm) for use with trays up to 19 inches (50cm) in length and 8 feet (240cm) for use with long trays and multiple loading of small trays.

The machine can be configured in standard form, which can accommodate a single 20-inch (51cm) tray, or in WIDE form, which can accept two trays side-by-side up to a maximum of 13 inches (33cm) in total, increasing the capacity to 16,000 eggs per hour.

The machine can be integrated into automated systems with variable speed and interactive control but may require an additional “ON” conveyor to elevate egg trays to the functional level of the Master Range machine.

This option allows for the removal of fumes from the entry and exit points of the machine.

The main body construction of the machine is made of stainless steel.

The machine features an adjustable width stainless steel “open” track conveyor that supports the edges of the tray.

Eggs are rotated individually on rollers through various stages of the cleaning process.

This option (for the roller option only) separates random eggs in the roller pitch line.

This option provides additional cleaning power for extremely dirty eggs, such as those from ducks.

The machine features an inverter speed control with a pre-settable (high-low) range.

A drying fan mounted on a rack is included in this option.

Sideliner Range

The Sideliner range is an innovative solution for egg cleaning and sanitization in breeder sites and hatcheries. These machines have a stand, wash, rinse, chemical header tank, and drying sections

The Sideliner product line is engineered to be positioned adjacent to primary conveyor systems to clean contaminated eggs before they are returned to the main conveyor or to clean all eggs in the conveyor line.

All models in the line are supplied with a stand, wash and rinse sections, a chemical header tank, and dryers.

The models can be configured in a 180-degree belt turn configuration to conserve floor space. Available options for the Sideliner range includes roller systems to replace the stand belt system, dual speed control, an auto wash fill valve and 40-liter header tank, an “ON” feed tray for vacuum transfer of 30 eggs, and an extended “OFF” tray for manual off-loading.

The Sideliner I has a processing capacity of up to 2,000 chicken eggs per hour. The Sideliner II and Sideliner III can handle up to 4,000 and 6,000 chicken eggs per hour, respectively. The Sideliner IV has the highest processing capacity of up to 12,000 chicken eggs per hour.

Full Sideliner Range


The Roller System is designed to replace the traditional Stand Belt System, providing enhanced efficiency and performance.

The system features a Dual Speed Control mechanism, enabling precise adjustment for optimal results.

An Auto Wash Fill Valve and a 40-liter/7-gallon header tank ensure a constant cleaning solution supply.

The system is equipped with an “ON” Feed Tray with a 30-egg vacuum transfer capability.

The extended “OFF” Tray for manual off-loading, allowing for convenient and efficient operation.

Series 3 Range

Our Series 3-5000 egg cleaning and sanitizing machines are designed to optimize production throughput in breeder farms and hatcheries. 

Series 3 machines can clean, rinse, and sanitize plastic trays with a capacity of between 4,000 and 48,000 eggs per hour. Additionally, modified models can be utilized to clean commercial/table eggs on plastic trays. 

These machines come equipped with a 5000 electronic control system for precise temperature regulation and are fitted with separate wash and rinse tanks to ensure maximum cleaning efficacy

The standard conveyor belt speed is set at 1 meter per minute, but customers can adjust the conveyor speed to accommodate dirty or clean eggs.


Extra wash pumps for enhanced cleaning

Fume extraction canopy

Dual-speed conveyor control with adjustable speed ranging from 0.25m to 2.0m/minute

Extended length of both the “on” and “off” conveyors, up to 8 feet/240cm

A choice of 1 to 3 blow dryers, depending on the conveyor length

Additionally, machines can be fabricated with stainless steel instead of chemical-resistant PVC for enhanced durability and longevity.

Series 3-5000 standard model can clean and sanitize up to 9,000 hatching eggs per hour on trays with a width of up to 13 inches/33cm.

Series 3-5000 wide model can clean and sanitize up to 12,000 hatching eggs per hour on trays with a width of up to 20 inches/51cm.

Series 3-5000 standard twin track model can clean and sanitize up to 18,000 hatching eggs per hour on trays with a width of up to 13 inches/33cm, making it suitable for use in central egg rooms and hatcheries.

Series 3-5000 wide twin track model can clean and sanitize up to 24,000 hatching eggs per hour on trays with a width of up to 20 inches/51cm and is also suitable for use in central egg rooms and hatcheries.

Gladiator Range

The Gladiator is engineered to process large volumes of commercial/table eggs with minimal damage to the egg structure while effectively reducing microbial counts and surface contamination. Its design allows easy integration into the existing production line, situated between a gathering belt and a grader/packer.

The Gladiator comes equipped with a 5000 control system, a chemical dosing tank, wash/rinse/drying modules, an “ON” accumulator, and a drying system that combines infrared heat lamps and air. The conveyor speed is adjustable, with a maximum rate of 4.25 m/min, and is fitted with a fume extraction canopy.

The Gladiator comes in four models with processing capacities of 28,800 eggs/80 cases/hour, 57,600 eggs/160 cases/hour, 86,400 eggs/240 cases/hour, and 120,600 eggs/335 cases/hour, respectively.
For smaller volumes see: Sideliner.

Full Gladiator Range

All models feature primary stainless steel fabrications except for the Gladiator 6, which has an option for chemical-resistant PVC or stainless steel.

Standard Features

Drysan - Ultrasonic Sanitizer and Humidifiers

The Drysan range offers a safe and efficient alternative to formalin fumigation with its innovative ultrasonic technology. The ME International Drysan generates a dry mist that quickly fills the room, disinfecting clean nest eggs with PH-friendly chemicals to reduce the total viable count of egg surface bacteria effectively.

This portable range is ideal for holding rooms, allowing immediate disinfection after egg collection for improved biosecurity.

The range includes five models with varying coverage capacities, ranging from 130 cubic meters to 500 cubic meters, with a disinfection time of 30 minutes.

Full Drysan Range

All machines have a spare set of discs, ensuring continued performance and reducing maintenance costs.


ChlorWash Concentrate is a chlorine-based detergent powder used in the wash section of all ME International machines. 

ChlorWash comes in 20kg containers, which are enough to process around 400,000 eggs

It effectively removes debris and microorganisms from the egg’s surface and serves as an initial step in the sanitization process.

QUAT-800 is a quaternary ammonia-based product used as a final step in the sanitization process.

It comes in 4.4-gallon/20-liter packs, sufficient to sanitize approximately 1.5 million eggs.

Defoamer controls excessive foam in the wash section and comes in 1.75 pint/1 liter or 5.5 gallon/25-liter plastic bottles.

Cuticle Blue is a solution for quick testing eggs’ cuticle and shell structure.

It comes in 1.75 pint/1 liter or 1.1 gallon/5 liter plastic bottles, with each container providing 1,000 or 5,000 tests, respectively.

Vacuum Tanks

The Vacuum Tanks are engineered to deliver antibiotics and other treatments into hatching eggs to control the spread of vertically transmitted diseases. These tanks are custom-manufactured to meet specific production requirements.

Standard features of these tanks include construction from stainless steel for easy cleaning, an electronic control and monitoring system for vacuum and processing time, and an in-production filtration system.

Optional features include in-production refrigeration, chilled storage, advanced filtration systems, and cradle lifting systems.