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You want the optimal coop lighting for your birds?

We have you!
Whether you keep parrots, pigeons, turkeys, ducks or chickens.

The eyesight of birds is very similar, but differs significantly from our eyesight. What looks like normal light to us is extremely flickering to birds, which can cause restlessness and discomfort in your birds.

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The innovative LED barn light Gallux

With Gallux you provide perfect house light for your poultry
539 incl. VAT
  • Reproduces the complete natural daylight spectrum
  • Stable activities can be controlled by light
  • Guaranteed flicker free
  • Promotes health and well-being of animals
  • Resource-saving and sustainable, made in Germany

One Gallux barn light is sufficient to optimally illuminate xx m² of barn. We will be happy to program the desired lighting scenarios for you before delivery.
Alternatively, you can use our innovative control unit, with which you can not only switch various luminaires in groups, but also program all lighting scenarios individually.

Gallux stable light for exotic birds

Parrots, shoebills or cockatoos: exotic birds are incredibly beautiful to look at, because they come from another world. In this other world, however, the animals are also accustomed to a completely different light. That is why exotic animals can quickly feel uncomfortable here. The UV and also the infrared part in the light are completely different in the homeland of the birds, as with us. With Gallux you have the possibility to bring the light of your homeland into the stable. Furthermore, it is possible to reproduce the course of the day with Gallux.

Gallux coop light for quails, chickens, pigeons

Birds have a completely different perception of light than we humans do. Therefore, light is particularly relevant for the well-being of pigeons, chickens, quails, turkeys and other poultry. While poor light can lead to stress and corresponding behavior, such as feather pecking, optimal light in the house increases reproductive activity, welfare and health of the animals.

Gallux illumination

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