Egg Washing Machines

The correct washing of hatching eggs in an egg washer has several significant advantages in comparison to conventional washing with brushes or sponges, which destroy the natural protective coat of eggs and transfers germs from one egg to the other. This can cause severe preventable losses. Egg washing machine guarantees reliable necessary cleaning and disinfection without damaging or destroying the cuticula. Damages will not even be detectible under a microscope.

With the wide range of egg washing machines and sanitizers, all types of eggs and capacities from a few hundred to over a million eggs a day can be washed and sanitized. The egg washing machines can also be customized to the consumer´s specific needs.

Bambino Range

The smallest egg washing machine is suitable for processing from 200 - 2,000 eggs per hour. The eggs have to be manually placed into the input conveyor for cleaning and process at conveyor speed through the spray chamber using CHLORWASH / defoamer at 45°C. The MST BAMBINO range egg washing machine has three models and a wide range of options to increase control and automation of your egg washing or egg cleaning process.

Master Range

Master Range egg washing machine is an very cost-effective system capable of providing maximum bio-security for breeder eggs and treating the tray in one operation. It is suitable as egg washing machine for breeder sites and also smaller hatcheries (processing from 4,000 to 16 000 eggs per hour). Master range egg washing machines may also be fitted with a 2.5rpm conveyor motor (slower for more exposure time), best suited for dealing with excessively dirty eggs.

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