Poultry LED Lighting

Future-oriented Poultry Lighting

Gallux LED lighting for poultry is a product of cooperation with scientists and the input of their insights on poultry vision. The aim of this poultry lighting is not only to satisfy the needs of poultry but also of farmers. With the investment in Gallux, you invest in future and combine animal welfare with modern, profitable animal husbandry. Scientific research and various field studies confirmed that Gallux increases not only animal wellbeing but also poultry performance.

Gallux application is customized for your poultry keeping conditions and makes it possible for you to either set the dormant phase or active timeframes and also access or manage every area of your barn (winter garden, nest areas and other subdivisions) separately through group navigation. Alternatively, depending on your field of application you can choose between various pre-sets, which are based on scientific research.


  • LED Beleuchtung für Geflügel
  • Locally based suppliers and production
  • Protection class IP67
  • Sustainable due to modular design
  • ENEC certified (impeccable heat test with heavy dust exposure)
  • Six spectral bands (UV, red, blue, yellow, infrared etc.)
  • Steplessly dimmable
  • Safe to operate
  • Own technicians and spare parts warehouse
  • Complies with all of German Welfare ordinance- TierSchNutzV
  • Suitable for future legislative changes
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