About Me International

For almost 40 years we have been a reliable partner in the poultry business.

High quality and longevity of our products have always been the highest priority in order to supply the market with the best products available. Additionally, we stock a comprehensive selection of spare parts to ensure quick support in case of an emergency.

This makes us able to guarantee not only the best products but also an excellent service in favor of the optimization of all your business processes.

"If you have built castles in the air, your work need not be lost; that is where they should be. Now put the foundations under them."

Henry David Thoreau
(US-philosopher and writer)

Anyone who knows me also knows that nature and animals have fascinated me since my childhood.

I was able to observe the animal’s behavior for hours, watched ants, birds, snails and everything I could find around our house. Sick animals, no matter how small, were carefully collected and cared for. I brought sick waterfowl and wild rabbits to the vet on my bike and took care of them around the clock - taking them to school and my nursery to give them 24-hour care.

I'm not sure if my interest in animals was even aroused because of my father's job. Since my childhood, I’ve spent time in the office and in the workshop of our company. I spent hours at the office's large meeting table, painting pictures and listening to my father's business calls.

I´ve visited poultry farms, fairs, and suppliers with my father. My swing hung in the old warehouse of our company during the winter. This way the boundaries between our home and the company, if there were any, blurred. At school, I gave lectures on chickens and eggs, and even during my economics graduation I gave presentations on the economics and attitude of Araucana chicken.

After finishing school and working for an international aluminum extrusion plant for a few years, it was clear to me: I want to go home! And that's how I started my career in the poultry industry at ME International. I have known many customers, business partners, suppliers and products since my childhood. The more exciting it was now to get to know the industry in detail.

My dad enabled me to do a job I would not want to miss in my life. In 35 years he has created a stable and established business, where work becomes fun and business partners become friends. I can proudly tell you that quality is our top priority. From the quality of working conditions for us and all our employees to the quality of our products for our customers. And with just as much pride, I can safely say that working with all its economic ups and downs is also not a duty, thanks to you, but an important and welcome part of life.

I am thankful for this solid foundation, for all the diligence that has invested in building this. He is always a role model to me and an inspiration to this day and my strongest teacher and partner.

But I also would like to thank all our customers for their trust, close cooperation, and communication. For the fact that you value and demand quality unconditionally.

Thank you for all the past decades and all still coming.

About ME International

Yours, Nina Müller


Based on the foundation of tradition and experience, we aim to create added value with our products all over the world.  Adapting to the future changes we constantly optimize our processes. At the early development stage of our products, we always bear animal welfare in mind.


We care about our environment. With our products we facilitate the daily work of our customers all over the world and contribute to animal welfare.


Quality is our priority. We use the best possible raw materials for our products. This ensures the longevity of our products and keeps maintenance costs at a low level. Our focus is on customer-friendly, effective and efficient solutions that simplify the work processes of our customers.

Employees and Suppliers
We maintain a family-like relationship with our partners and employees. Our corporate culture is characterized by mutual appreciation, respect and caring. We support smaller companies and focus on sustainable growth.

We are committed to environmental protection and animal welfare. Especially in dealing with natural resources such as raw materials and energy. With our products we improve the poultry keeping conditions.

It is all about interpersonal relations. We know our customers for generations. We live to see our clients succeed. We absolutely thrive on being a part of positive changes that are occurring in the lives and work of our clients. We are grateful to be able to develop our products together with our customers

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