Me International - Gallux Beleuchtung

Less discard and more weight after Gallux lighting implementation!

We did another field study. This time in a broiler house with approx. 20.000 broilers with dimensions 90 x 22 meters with a ceiling height of 3,5. We installed 24 Gallux lights and compared discard (animals not taken in the slaughterhouse) and the weight. The comparison was made with a high-quality, multicoloured LED light of a competitor. The comparison barn is absolutely identical except for the lighting. The results were about 50 grams heavier broilers and about 230 less discarded animals.

Furthermore, the lighting has absolutely proved its worth in the housing and the sheds when it comes to collecting the birds. By switching to the blue lighting, the surroundings of the house are very well perceptible for humans, but the animals remain on the floor, which makes it easier to collect them and save time significantly.